Father’s Day, 2011

Another Father’s Day rolls around, another tug at my heart.  Every year I’m reminded I don’t have a father to call.  But along with the heart-tugs that the too-commercialized day brings, it also encourages me to reflect on fatherhood in general, and what my own father meant to me.Dad’s been gone now 31 years – …

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Another anniversary

Lots to write about – the move (it’s been good); country vs. city life (ditto); baby chicks; headboards (you’re gonna have to wait); life in general.  But not today.Today, in thought and in public word, I again honor my Mom, who left this world 3 years ago on March 28.  She’s still much loved and much …

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The Wedding

My daughter – my only child – was married last weekend.It was a symbol of Ness’ independence that she choose to walk up the aisle alone.  No one could give her away; she wasn’t owned by her father or me; and she’s not going to be owned by her now-husband, either.It was a joyous occasion.  …

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She’s baaaack

It’s difficult following Don on the humour front, so I’m not even going to try.  I must say that his impressions were spot-on, though.  No one can tickle my funny bone as he can.  Glad he’s affecting others similarly.So, ’tis true, I’m home in my temporary living quarters, The Sunroom of our home.  It’s not …

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Going To Ridiculous Lengths to Increase Web Traffic

Don here.I will be guest blogging for Diane during her surgery and early recovery.  She has alerted her friends and family to this fact, and as such, the circulation of this blog will expand to record numbers.She is such an attention hog.Anyway, if you bookmark this site you won’t miss one gory detail of the …

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