Cleaning the attic Part III

We’re done!  The attic is now (sort of) nicely organized, vacuumed, and ready for more junk.

A discovery: We’ve discovered what the 8′ & 42″ lengths of wood (mentioned in my last post) are for – a quilting frame.  That’s the good news.  The bad (or sad?) news is that no one wants quilting frames anymore – hope Goodwill can put them to some use.  I’d forgotten that Mom was interested for a little bit in quilting (before she became besotted with stained glass, which was a longer-lived hobby).

One item we found was an old oscillating fan.  I’d remembered it being in use for many years; I looked at the frayed cord, the very wide-spaced blade protection, and thought to myself that no one would want it.  So I started carrying it to the truck (it weighs a ton!), and literally, when I’d nearly reached the truck, had 2nd thoughts and decided not to take it to the dump quite yet.  Am I glad I had that epiphany!  Don & I tracked down some model & patent numbers from the bottom, and it turns out it’s a worth keeping.  It’s a 1941 GE FM12S1, a hybrid model.   I learned through my internet fan research project that there are those who collect vintage fans (why should that surprise me?) – see, for example,  Word to the wise:  don’t throw out old fans.  Now, what are we going to do with it?  Without electrical refurbishment, it won’t be plugged in, but it may have a position of honor in our home or in our new project (more on that another day).  Here are a couple of pictures of it:


In addition to the fan, there wasn’t much more of value – sentimental or otherwise.  I did find a box of old 8mm film.  At some point, I want to take some sample reels to a conversion place to see if they may be converted to a digital format, but years in a very hot attic may have ruined them.  And I have a box of pictures and documents that have been brought down from the attic and are now residing in the den – my new (more convenient) attic.  One of these days.

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