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This day has 22 hours* (or, our journey from start to having a COVID-19 test)

Shortly before 2:00 p.m. yesterday, one of our great employees at our little country-convenience store let us know that she’d tested positive for COVID-19.  She only works for us a day and a half per week, as she has another full-time position, but she’s extremely valued.  She reports that she’s feeling okay, although has a …

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Memes ≠ Facts (necessarily)

I’m weary of the memeification of false facts.  Memes seem to have taken over Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter.  Over the past week, I’ve responded to memes purporting to state “facts” which aren’t true.  The first related to Trump’s alleged economic achievements related to the black community; the second related to alleged compensation/spending …

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We’re in the midst of a new political season, and ergo I have a renewed urge to blog.  It’s been way too long – and much has happened in my life.I’ll catch up with changes anon . . . at this point, my political frustration is at a boiling point with the Virginia legislature’s recent …

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Brief update

I know I reported that I was going to the doctor yesterday (Friday).  I lied.  Mid-week it started gnawing at me whether the appointment really was Friday (remember, I got the appointment when still in the hospital, on a mixture of percocet & morphine).  Glad about the gnaw.  Turns out the that appointment isn’t until …

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…Or Not.

Correction: Diane is in a fibreglass cast, not plaster.  And it is red.I should have seen that one coming.Unfortunately, it looks like she is not coming home today, and not for the reason you might think.  She has now been off morphine for a few hours, and has switched to Percocet and says she is …

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Please Release Me, Let Me Go…

Diane called this morning to say thata.  She’s really, probably, surely 99% certain that they will release her today, and,b.  She really hopes they do, as she had a rotten night’s sleep.  Not me, I slept like a rock.And just now she e-mailed to say that they have finished putting on her plaster cast, and is awaiting physio.More later,Don

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