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Month: February 2009

…Or Not.

Correction: Diane is in a fibreglass cast, not plaster.  And it is red.I should have seen that one coming.Unfortunately, it looks like she is not coming home today, and not for the reason you might think.  She has now been off morphine for a few hours, and has switched to Percocet and says she is …

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She’s baaaack

It’s difficult following Don on the humour front, so I’m not even going to try.  I must say that his impressions were spot-on, though.  No one can tickle my funny bone as he can.  Glad he’s affecting others similarly.So, ’tis true, I’m home in my temporary living quarters, The Sunroom of our home.  It’s not …

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Please Release Me, Let Me Go…

Diane called this morning to say thata.  She’s really, probably, surely 99% certain that they will release her today, and,b.  She really hopes they do, as she had a rotten night’s sleep.  Not me, I slept like a rock.And just now she e-mailed to say that they have finished putting on her plaster cast, and is awaiting physio.More later,Don

Surgery Day

The guest-blog that couldn’t be live.8:20 AM.  St. Mike’s has wifi, but it costs $10 per day and I am too cheap to pay that just for a cheap live blog thrill.  So, this will be posted in one big chunk when I get home.We got here just before 6AM and had to wait a …

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Going To Ridiculous Lengths to Increase Web Traffic

Don here.I will be guest blogging for Diane during her surgery and early recovery.  She has alerted her friends and family to this fact, and as such, the circulation of this blog will expand to record numbers.She is such an attention hog.Anyway, if you bookmark this site you won’t miss one gory detail of the …

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