Going To Ridiculous Lengths to Increase Web Traffic

Don here.

I will be guest blogging for Diane during her surgery and early recovery.  She has alerted her friends and family to this fact, and as such, the circulation of this blog will expand to record numbers.

She is such an attention hog.

Anyway, if you bookmark this site you won’t miss one gory detail of the road to recovery.  And, if St. Mike’s has wifi, I may even live blog on surgery day (Tuesday).  It will go something like this:

7:32 AM.  They just took Diane in for surgery.

7:40 AM.  The September, 2007 issue of Newsweek (the Canadian version) isn’t as interesting a read as you’d expect.

8:11 AM.  I bought a vending machine coffee.  Really terrible.

9:02 AM,  The woman across from me is snoring.

…and so forth.  Should be riveting.

Stay tuned.


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