Month: April 2007

Making a difference – macro & micro

This past week, a remarkable woman named June Callwood died in Toronto. While she enjoyed a successful career, her lasting legacy is that of her social activism. According to the the Library and Archives of Canada, Callwood “found or co-found over 50 social action organizations . . . includ[ing] Digger House, a youth hostel; Nellie’s hostel for women; …

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April 18, 1980

Today is the 27th anniversary of my Dad’s death.From my Dad, I got my thin, straight hair. My huge feet. My low blood pressure.I also got an abiding respect for all humanity, regardless of race or creed or gender or national origin. An eclectic taste in music, from Mozart, to Gilbert & Sullivan, to Glenn …

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Feminism beginnings

I’m a feminist, and not ashamed to label myself as such. I remember the earlier days of the feminist movement – the days when we thought the Equal Rights Amendment was a no-brainer, and headed for passage. But my grounding in feminism I can trace back to my childhood.First, I had a remarkable role model …

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