The Wedding

My daughter – my only child – was married last weekend.

It was a symbol of Ness’ independence that she choose to walk up the aisle alone.  No one could give her away; she wasn’t owned by her father or me; and she’s not going to be owned by her now-husband, either.

It was a joyous occasion.  Ness has found a wonderful partner in Owen, and has the start of a wonderful life (complete with a wonderful home on which they closed 5 days before the wedding).  Ness’ father’s family showed up en masse – parents (both still alive), sisters, husbands, children, and grandchildren.  None missed the event.   A good thing – Owen’s family is sparse, as is my own.  Thankfully, my nephew and his wife, as well as a favorite cousin and her husband were able to attend.  Equally satisfying were the number of my own friends who attended – friends from grades school, as well as friends from both my Wisconsin and Baltimore days.  It was wonderful – if odd – to see my friends from so many parts of my life (and it wasn’t even my memorial service).

The service was simple, right on Baltimore’s Harbour.  The weather (yep, even the humidity) cooperated.  I was honored to have been asked to read, and after consulting with Ness, I chose 1 Corinthians 13 ( . . . these remain:  faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.)

Afterwards, we had wonderful h’ors douvres and dinner, followed by dancing.  The dancing part was something I’d been looking forward to since my February TAR (total ankle replacement) surgery.  While the DJ wasn’t long on swing/Sinatra danceable music, Don & I still managed a few dances, and it felt so very good.  (We did pass on the chicken dance.)

We dispatched Ness & Owen into married life, surrounded by the love of parents, step parents, family, friends.  I hope that they will always be as happy as they were last Saturday.

And yep, Ness kept her name.  And she’ll keep her independence.  Theirs is a partnership in all things.

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