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This day has 22 hours* (or, our journey from start to having a COVID-19 test)

Shortly before 2:00 p.m. yesterday, one of our great employees at our little country-convenience store let us know that she’d tested positive for COVID-19.  She only works for us a day and a half per week, as she has another full-time position, but she’s extremely valued.  She reports that she’s feeling okay, although has a …

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Bad timing

We live in a not-large home, a weird, 16-sided (hexadecagon, for purists) designed by my father and based on a low-income house plan (he’d read that round houses are good in hurricanes).  My parents essentially built it themselves back in the mid-1970s (complete with the then-popular harvest gold).  Half of the house (well, technically, 7/16) …

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Musings on 60

Today I am 60 years old.  Age has never been a particularly big deal to me; I’ve never been reluctant to say my age (that is, provided I even remember how old I am).  But I’ve historically had a “youngest” mentality.  Perhaps that’s because I was the youngest of 3 in my family.  In my …

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It seems like a zillion years ago – but in actuality it was only a little over 2 years ago – that I used this space to announce to the world (or my 3 regular readers) that I was endorsing Edwards for President.  How things change!  I think he dropped out of the race within a …

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The Move

Facebook does have its value in spreading news quickly, but without much explanation . . .Here goes:After nearly 7 years of rural Ontario living, it’s time for us to take our menagerie into the Big City.  Okay, maybe not so big, but effective 26 January 2010, Don & I will officially become residents of Guelph, Ontario.  …

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