She’s baaaack

It’s difficult following Don on the humour front, so I’m not even going to try.  I must say that his impressions were spot-on, though.  No one can tickle my funny bone as he can.  Glad he’s affecting others similarly.

So, ’tis true, I’m home in my temporary living quarters, The Sunroom of our home.  It’s not really a sunroom, but it has several very large windows with an lovely southern exposure.  Right now, the snow is gently falling, and I’m looking at a couple of rows of deciduous trees maybe 100-150 feet from the window, and evergreens behind them.  I’m looking for Clover, but she’s not put in an appearance this a.m.  (We know she’s around – we saw her last Sunday.)

Now, as for me:  I feel incredibly good.  I have zero – zilch – nada pain when I’m not moving.  When I do move, its fairly minor if I’m up to date on my pain meds.  (I’m on Percocet, 1-2 every 4-6 hours; I’m trying, for today at least, to do 1 every 5 hours.)

My hospital discharge was uneventful – I only wish it had been a day earlier.  I’d never realized that low blood pressure (at one point it was 83/48) could cause nausea, nor did I know that drinking fluids could increase blood pressure.  They wouldn’t let me out until my blood pressure had reached more normal ranges, so boy, did I drink!  Of course, that meant that the poor staff at St. Mike’s had to come assist me every couple of hours, because I could not get to the washroom unassisted (and mentally can’t handle a bedpan).  I was frightened about the drive home, because I remember 3.5 years ago that part was really painful.  This time, no problem at all.

The planning that Don & I did before my surgery has paid off – having the bed set up, clothes within reach, etc.  I’m really pleased with the provider of all the medical stuff – wheelchair, bed, crutches, commode – Ontario Home Health.  They are incredibly responsive to my requests, and want to make sure that I’m happy with their service.  That kind of service isn’t common today.

I’ll be nwb (non-weight bearing, for those of you not in the know) until March 6, when I have my next appointment with Dr. Daniels.  I’m hoping to get back to work, at least on a part-time basis, next week.  But for now, I’ll just hang out, do some reading, some surfing, some napping, and some catching up on movies that have resided on our PVR for 2+ years.   Oh, yeah, maybe some blogging.

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