Going To Ridiculous Lengths to Increase Web Traffic

Don here.I will be guest blogging for Diane during her surgery and early recovery.  She has alerted her friends and family to this fact, and as such, the circulation of this blog will expand to record numbers.She is such an attention hog.Anyway, if you bookmark this site you won’t miss one gory detail of the …

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A month from today!

Almost a month ago, I reported that I’d seen a leading (by some accounts, the leading) Canadian ankle specialist and was now on a list for a Total Ankle Replacement, or TAR. He told me that it would likely take a year before he could schedule the surgery for me.Fast forward to January 8, and a welcome (if surprising) …

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Emergency medicine: US & Canada examples (Part I)

On October 11, 2005, I broke my tibia and fibula and dislocated my ankle here in Ontario. On May 27, 2006, my Mom broke her right arm near her shoulder (proximal humerus). With the appropriate disclaimers about anecdotal evidence, I think the comparison between our respective medical treatments, in Ontario & Virginia respectively, are enlightening …

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It’s May 2-4!

Up here in Canada, it’s the May 2-4 weekend. Yeah, I know it’s really May 21 as I write this. It’s a Canadian thing.May 24 is Queen Victoria’s birthday. Canada, among all the commonwealth countries, is the only one to declare her birthday a national holiday. We’re (almost) by ourselves on this one – it’s …

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