Month: December 2019

Memes ≠ Facts (necessarily)

I’m weary of the memeification of false facts.  Memes seem to have taken over Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter.  Over the past week, I’ve responded to memes purporting to state “facts” which aren’t true.  The first related to Trump’s alleged economic achievements related to the black community; the second related to alleged compensation/spending …

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Do guns save lives?

Do guns save lives?  Not that I can find. This post isn’t about whether guns are okay, or whether they’re protected under the 2nd Amendment.  The simple answer to those questions is “yes.”  Guns have purpose, and the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere. At the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisor’s hearing on Wednesday, December 11, the sea …

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I’m back!

Facebook is not a useful tool for meaningful thought or discussion.  Oh, yeah, it’s great for wishing someone happy birthday, or announcing happy news, or sharing life’s tidbits.  But reducing our current political climate to memes simply dumbs-down the discussion.  While some memes are quite clever, most are simply ignorant.  I fault all – regardless …

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