As I’ve talked about before, I’m scheduled to have a total ankle replacement this coming Tuesday, a mere 5 days away.  I’ve been busy figuring out insurance coverage for necessities like wheelchairs and crutches.  Of course, I’m also trying to organize my worklife so that my staff isn’t left in a lurch too much during my absence.

The reality of the surgery hit home (literally) today when we received a panoply of medical stuff – the aforementioned wheelchair and crutches, along with a hospital bed (a “want” as opposed to a “need”, but it will permit me to elevate my leg more easily during the day), a ramp so that Don can wheel me in and out of the house, the unfortunately necessary portable commode, and a shower chair (known in medical equipment circles as a shower transfer bench).   This weekend — a 3-day weekend thanks to Ontario’s fairly new February holiday, “Family Day” — we’ll be busy setting things up, reworking our (small) sunroom so that there’s room for the hospital bed and seating for Don (and perhaps other visitors), moving a month’s worth of necessities from the upstairs master bedroom to first-floor convenience, and just getting ready, physically and emotionally.

It’ll be interesting surgery.  At my pre-op appointments a couple of weeks ago, the anesthesiologist (here called anaesthetists, with the “ae” pronounced as a long “e” ) suggested I consider an epidural as opposed to a general anesthetic.  I agreed when she noted it would permit earlier delivery of pain medication.  While she said I’d remember little, if anything, about the surgery, I think it will be neat to hear all the sounds of the surgery.  (Infection-preventing draping would prevent me from watching.)

Post surgery, I’ve already warned everyone that if I’m in touch with them within the first few days, don’t believe a word I say – it’s probably the drugs, not me, talking.

So stay tuned for all you wanted to know about ankle replacement surgery, but were afraid (or weren’t interested enough) to ask.