How lucky can I be?

Below is a picture I took this a.m.  It’s literally right out my window to my right.  See the piece of tissue at the bottom?  It’s on a shelf right next to my temporary bed in the sunroom.  Near the centre is the base of our birdbath with a crown of snow; to its left is the post with our salt lick for Clover.


The window faces due south, and is the first place where we saw Clover.  What the picture does not capture is that it is snowing ever so gently this morning, a true winter wonderland.  Because of the snow over the past 24 hours, the surface is undisturbed, but I suspect that this afternoon it’ll be the site of a Don-Reggie Frisbee Throw (with Maggie, our non-fetching Great Pyr, if she’s up to it, playing interference).

It is this view that caused me to hatch my plan for the hospital bed in the sunroom.  It helps that to my left is our television.  I’ve taken advantage of this time to watch movies we’ve pvr’d over the past couple of years that I’d not seen before, like Jerry Maguire, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Smokey & the Bandit.

Of course, I wish I’d not broken my ankle back in October, 2005.  And of course I wish I’d not had the complication of severe arthritis.  But if those things were to come my way, how fortunate that I live in a country where I could have the necessary surgery in a reasonable period of time, that I have a wonderfully supportive and helpful partner who attends to my every need and want, and that I’m able to convalesce with a view of heaven.

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