It’s been a long time since my last entry – my bad.

It’s the May 2-4 weekend, and we’re all freezing.  (A couple of years ago, I explained all about the May 24 weekend, which is not often celebrated on May 24, here.)  This year, it’s been so cold that the pundits have recommended that we not plant annuals until next weekend – highly unusual.  That’s okay, though, as I wasn’t prepared to plant anyhow.  But I’m still trying to enjoy the long weekend – today is the first day I’ve had to really chill out (not just literally).

On the ankle front, all continues quite well.  I had an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon on Monday, and came away with an excellent report and a referral for physiotherapy.  My limp is decreasing, I’ve not used a cane in 3-4 weeks, and my gait is improving, or so others tell me.  But I’ve not accomplished (yet) my fondest ankle hope:  I want to be able to go down stairs without having to have two feet on one step at a time.  I can go up foot-over-foot, but my range of motion issues don’t permit going down the same way (it’s a pesky thing called “dorsiflexion“).  One does not realize until one loses her range of motion in her ankle how much ankle involvement there is in going down stairs.  Try it!

But I think I’m well on the way to my other goal – to be able to dance at my daughter’s wedding on August 8.  Perhaps not well, but dance I will!  (Wish the dress hunt were going as well.)

On other fronts, I’ve enjoyed my recent foray into drumming.  I’ve been to drumming lessons 4 times, and to 2 drumming circle events.  The lessons are surprisingly difficult; we’re learning Guinea rhythms, which don’t follow the traditional 4/4 timing that we westerners are familiar with.  And I don’t remember the rhythms from week to week, and haven’t figured out the drumming notations.  But I’ll keep perservering – it’s a great break from work. 

Now, if only spring will get here, I can do some outdoor drumming!