Surgery: 2 week anniversary

Two weeks ago today was my ankle replacement surgery.  Physically, I’m doing remarkably well.  To wit  (can’t often work that into a post):

Pain – none whatsoever.  I’ve had no pain killers, even aspirin /ibuprofen, since Friday.  It used to be that if my foot were down for a few minutes, it would throb (for example, if I were in my wheelchair).  Not anymore.

Mobility – I’m getting more confident and better on my crutches.  With ease, I can traverse the sunroom with crutches, to the opening to the great room, where I hop on my wheelchair, crutches in tow.  I can get stuff in the kitchen, prepare a simple lunch, go to the bathroom, shower, and get myself back to my bed, all by myself!

Cast discomfort – last week, I seemed to have itches and dryness under and around my cast.  But that seems to have abated now. I had heard horror stories from others about cast discomfort.  Thank you, God, for sparing me!

I think that my elevating my foot “toes above the nose” at all possible times has contributed to the lack of pain.

A week ago today I returned to work full time, from the comfort of my hospital bed in my sunroom.  Gotta love technology.  Thanks to our home wireless connection and some fancy work telephone software, I can set up my phone so that if you dial my extension at work, it rings here.  First it rings on my computer, giving me the choice of picking up (in which case the phone rings) or sending the call to voice mail.  So I spend my day talking with folks, doing work, and am appreciating the luxury of being able to focus on specific projects without 87 interruptions (not that I don’t love interruptions).

So things are going well.  This Friday, I go back to the doctor’s for my first post-op appointment.  They’ll take off the cast, x-ray the ankle, remove staples/stitches (not sure if that’s the right order), and if all looks okay, I may be able to graduate to an aircast and begin some exercises and perhaps even partial weight bearing.

I’ve not made much progress on the movie-watching front (darn work!).  But I do, ahem, appreciate your comments and suggestions on my movie taste.

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