Okay, time to take a break from the personal medical front.

One effect of being isolated in a room with a television is that one tends to watch more TV than normal.  As a result, I find myself an expert on Octomom Suleman.  I’ve watched her appearances on Dr. Phil and the evening entertainment shows, and of course Radaronline.  I now find myself in a position to conclude that she’s nuts (that’s a clinical term).  (Every once in awhile I’m totally taken in by some hot pop-culture topic – another example is that I used to be a walking encyclopedia on Jon Benét Ramsey – and yes, I think that the mother did it.)

Back to Suleman.  Her demeanor during interviews suggests to me that she’s quite detached from reality, and not particularly bright.  I thought Dr. Phil really zeroed in on some of her emotional and mental deficits, in a kind and professional manner (well, as professional as one can be when one is a television psychologist).  Suleman either completely misunderstood concepts, or brushed off some very, very serious questions and concerns.

As an example of her inability to understand, Dr. Phil suggested that Suleman’s “need” for children meant that her children were born with a job – to fulfil her need.  Suleman objected to that characterization, saying that she wouldn’t impose on the older children the job of caring for the younger children.  Huh?  She’s also in never-never land regarding her ability to care for the children, although she now seems to be acknowledging that she will need some help.  When she’s not giggling or smiling (both, I believe, nervous reactions), she’s defensive and trying to come across as an expert on IVF, childrearing and psychology (her interchange with Dr. Phil about how it’s inappropriate for a counsel to give advice showed she needs a whole lot more education about counselling).  Her treatment of her mother – showing an utter lack of respect – is also troubling.

I understand when Dr. Phil emphasizes that regardless of what one might thing of Suleman, it’s her children who need help.  No way in hell, though, would I contribute to her.  Will the $$ go to more manicures or collegen implants?  Where is there any indication of responsbility, fiscal or otherwise?  As for me, I’ve got a lot more important investments for my hard-earned money than helping someone who somehow managed to cobble together tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars for IVF without any regard for the future.