The Move

Facebook does have its value in spreading news quickly, but without much explanation . . .

Here goes:

After nearly 7 years of rural Ontario living, it’s time for us to take our menagerie into the Big City.  Okay, maybe not so big, but effective 26 January 2010, Don & I will officially become residents of Guelph, Ontario.  Guelph is a community of about 120,000 people, and is a university town, home to highly-regarded University of Guelph.

Why the move from rural heaven?  As with many moves, the reasons are varied:  personal, physical, financial.  On the physical front, while my ankle surgery has been an unqualified success (thanks again, wonderful Canadian health care), I’m still not back at 100% of what I was before my fateful 2005 fall.  My main difficulties are with stairs and uneven surfaces; our home — all 3 floors with laundry in basement — and its 10 acres play right into those difficulties.  It’s time to have a first-floor laundry room, and a much smaller property to maintain.  I’m also looking forward to chopping my commute by about 1/2 – from 45 kilometers (28 miles) to about 20 kilometers (or about 12 miles).

We’re looking forward to being city folk again.  There’s a large park about 2 blocks from our new home, Exhibition Park.  We’re not far from downtown.  Some of the things we’ll regain after 7 years:  home delivery of food (pizza, Chinese – wonder if they’re delivering more these days?); cable television (we’ve been on satellite); cable internet (we’ve been on wireless); sidewalks; a paved road.  We know there will be challenges – our dogs are spoiled by their doggie-door and free run of 10 fenced-in acres.  It’ll be odd for us to hear neighborhood noises, a rarity out in the boonies.

Things I’ll miss?  Unquestionably.  Nothing matches the view out our sun room when snow is falling at night.  Wild turkeys in our neighbors’ field, Clover, our young dear who came on our property for awhile a year ago, watching our magnificent deciduous trees regain their vibrant green in spring, even the “wow” factor of visitors coming to our home for the first time.  But things move on, and there will be equal, if different, benefits to city living.

In the meantime, I dislike few activities more than moving.

In many ways, I’ve already emotionally left our beautiful log home.  Today, I updated Facebook to show my current city as Guelph. But I do expect a tear or two at the end of the month as we leave for good.

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