Politics 24/7.  U.S. election; Canadian election (maybe you didn’t know that).  CNN, Washington Post.  New York Times.  Up early.  Sitting in our sunroom with my trusty laptop.  Thinking about next blog post.

Then . . .


Don & I have a new friend.  She made her first appearance last Saturday, same time, same place.  She was back today, in spite of Maggie (Great Pyr) (asleep on front deck) and Reggie (Yellow Lab) (oblivious, as usual, in the house).

In an effort to revive a sad, weed-filled large lawn, last spring we overseeded much of the area with environmentally-friendly white clover.  Our new friend thinks that was a great idea.

We hope she’ll stick around and munch away.  Her all-too-brief visits remind me why I love where we live, and that there’s more to life than politics & work.