If you liked Phyllis Schlafly*, you’ll LOVE Sarah Palin

How stupid does McCain think we are?

Blatantly pandering to supporters of Hillary Clinton, McCain’s choice underscores his own cluelessness and lack of judgment.  Did he really think that Clinton supporters and admirers would really flock to his campaign because he has selected a woman as a running mate?  He’s insulted 18,000,000 voters.

Frankly, I’m glad.  A couple of weeks ago, I was disheartened by polls, and the increasing possibility that despite the economy, despite Iraq, despite Afghanistan, despite the standing of the United States on the world stage, the republicans could still win in November.  The combination of the wonderfully successful Democratic Convention and the Palin appointment have renewed my hope of a regime change come November.

Let’s see . . . what can we say positively about Palin?

  • She does appear to have an anti-corruption streak.
  • Her selection is out of the ordinary.

Now, what would possibly sway a Clinton supporter to switch to McCain because of Palin?

  • Clinton is pro-choice . . . but wait, Palin isn’t.
  • Clinton is pro-universal health care . . . but wait, Palin seems to be silent on the issue.
  • Clinton is pro-gay rights . . . but wait, Palin isn’t.
  • Clinton has significant experience on a national level . . . but wait, Palin doesn’t.
  • Clinton has a solid record on civil and women’s rights . . . but wait, Palin has no record.

This list can be expanded, especially over the next couple of months.  But let me make a safe prediction: There will not be a single important issue where Palin’s position will mirror Clinton’s.  Not one.

Perhaps McCain thinks that because both Clinton and Palin have mammary glands, they’ll attract the same supporters.  In this case, though, I think it’s McCain who is the boob.

(*For you youngsters, read up on that great feminist and promoter of women, Phyllis Schlafley.)

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