Freedom vs Courtesy vs Anarchy

In my brief and limited public forays, I’m appalled at the people who aren’t wearing masks, and have no sense of social distancing.  The pictures of public gatherings, the troubling memes complaining about “rights”, are remarkable. 

“It’s my right to refuse to wear a mask.  You’re trouncing on my freedom if you ask me to wear a mask.”

Let’s analyze this ignorance and stupidity.  

No mentally-competent, thinking, rational human who had any concern about others would agree with any of the following:  It’s my right to text and drive.  It’s my right to drink and drive.  It’s my right to not put my kids in a car seat.  It’s my right not to wear a seat belt.  It’s my right to have public pools open during a polio epidemic.  It’s my right to speed.  It’s my right to run a stop sign.  This list can go on and on.  

Freedom requires – demands – limitations on human conduct.  In any free society, our personal freedoms must reasonably be restrained to the extent that the benefits of the public good outweigh minor limitations on personal conduct.  It’s a basic social contract.  You do not have a right to expose others to harm.  

You don’t want to wear a mask in your house?  Go ahead, I don’t care.  You don’t want to wear a mask while taking a walk or a bike ride?  I don’t care, provided you stay far away from others.  You don’t want to wear a mask while going to a store – or working at a store?  Nopey, nope, nope.  That doesn’t work.

When your actions run the significant risk of hurting others, your actions in a civilized society can be controlled.  It has zero to do with personal freedoms.  Stop whining.  It’s not all about you.  It’s about our society, and our freedom from your selfishness.  It’s common courtesy.  

The data is overwhelming:  masks save illness and lives.  They are a minor inconvenience for the greater good.  Have we, as a society, devolved so much that we can’t see this fundamental fact?  

If you care so little about those around you, be prepared to accept what and who you are:  an anarchist.  Freedom from legitimate rules and regulations isn’t freedom, it’s selfish, ignorant anarchy.  

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