In a crushing blow to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I have decided to vote for John Edwards in my upcoming Democrats Abroad primary.*

For a year, I’ve been going back and forth. I could think of good reasons to support any of Clinton, Obama or Edwards. And I will enthusiastically support the party’s nominee, no matter which of the 3 it may be. But for now, I’m mad.

There is no reason for the current cheap shots, the mud that both Obama and Clinton are slinging. Is there any doubt that either will enthusiastically support the rights of minorities and women? That either will be far better for the country than Bush and the crop of Republicans wanting to replace him? Did Obama support slumlords? Is Clinton the source of Walmart ills? Nopey, nope nope.

A message to the Clinton & Obama: Please grow up, Hillary & Barack. Your rhetoric (and the rhetoric of both of your spouses) supports Edwards’ point: he is the adult in the race.

Most importantly, please take a moment to look past the primaries and nomination, to a long summer & autumn where the Republicans will delight in re-slinging the mud that you’ve so generously provided – they won’t have to come up with new information (true or untrue) thanks to the poorly-thought-out long term strategy of your campaigns. I’m disappointed in both – a pox on both of your houses. I only hope that the Democratic Party won’t implode in November because of the petulant, selfish acts of you, our leaders, in January. If the Republicans win the White House, I hope each of you has a mirror handy if you’re looking for the reason.

*For those who may be saying: “Why should you be able to vote at all?”, the answer is simple: Form 1040. Yep, most US expats retain US citizenship (Don & I would never give it up, even after we get our Canadian citizenship), and we annually file our IRS form 1040s. The US (unlike many other countries) taxes on worldwide income. There are tax treaties between the US & Canada, so for the most part we’re not double taxed, and it’s true that sometimes my income is low enough that I pay no US taxes, but I still file. Further, last I heard, one still had the right to vote even if one had no tax liability.