Baby steps today, with my “new” Canadian Legion walker.

Still no pain. How can that possibly be?  I’ve got two incisions – one several inches long – and you can see the x-ray yourself.  How can it possibly not be excruciating to take my first steps on my new ankle?

It doesn’t feel normal.  I have to walk in an aircast, which even for the healthiest ankle would be a challenge simply because of its girth.  When I put weight on my heel only, I feel a pins-and-needles sort of feeling; not pain, just, well, pins & needles.  My range of motion is quite limited – my guess is that at this point it’s about the same as pre-surgery, but that WILL change.

So, in and around the house, I’m walker-ing only.  The walker has a seat, so it’s handy in the bathroom during my teeth brushing, face washing  routine.  And it has a basket, so I can carry things from one room to another.  Works for most everything except a full cup of coffee.

I’ve also converted my 24/7 sunroom bed into a day bed.  Starting last night, I moved into our first floor guest room, with a more comfortable and larger bed (the latter required because of Marge the Cat’s propensity to sleep with me).  The aircast is quite uncomfortable to sleep in – but sleep in it I must, at least for 2 weeks (or, more precisely, 12 days).  For my workday, however, I’m back in the sunroom hospital bed, but next week that may go.

I can’t help but think of my mother – when I initially broke my leg and received such excellent care, she’d comment, “well, it sounds like they know what they’re doing up there,” as though I was living in some medically-starved 3rd world country.  I think that she’d now be even more impressed.

Thanks, Canada.