Bye, bye, Bernie, PLEASE?

We’re faced with a crisis in our country, the likes of which I’ve never seen in my (ugh) 70th year on this earth.  I should use the plural:  crises.  We have a health care crisis of extraordinary proportions, one shared with the rest of the world.  We also have a leadership crisis, the likes of which we have not experienced in recent history.  The leadership crisis has contributed greatly to our health crisis.  I’m confident that history will judge the Trump presidency harshly on a number of levels, but perhaps most of all on its failure to protect the American people.  

We’re also faced with an important election in November.  By all accounts, we’re down to two choices:  Trump or Biden.  Biden may not have been my first choice, but he’s the one I’m going with without hesitation.  He is an honorable person, a person with integrity.  He has a calm, steady demeanor, even with his occasional verbal mishaps.  He knows government, he surrounds himself with experienced advisors.  He listens.  

There has been press recently suggesting that Trump’s approval ratings have improved with the administration response to COVID-19.  I don’t understand any increase, but I accept that it’s happened.  It is incumbent, then, for all of us who fear another disastrous four years to rally around the person who will be the Democratic candidate – Joe Biden – without any other election-related distractions.  

Sanders has supporters.  He has ardent supporters.  Most are sincere.  But each day that Sanders stays in the race is another day lost to consolidating the opposition, the resistance, to Trump.  It’s time for those of us who see Trump’s devastation to all get on the bandwagon of winning in November.  

The Democratic Party is a big tent.  We need not all agree on anything other than the fact that Trump is the worst president this country has had in at least 100 years.  Every other policy, position, thought, idea can be discussed and resolved down the road, after Trump is given the thumping he so well deserves.  That’s what we Democrats do – sit down, listen, discuss, distill, and compromise.  

Bernie, help us out here.  Start today by withdrawing from the race, and throwing all the support you can muster behind Uncle Joe.  

The country needs for you to do this, and will thank you for it.

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