Five Years

It’s been 5 years today since I lost Mom.  In some ways it seems longer; in other ways, shorter.  How my life, and lives of my family members have changed, yet stayed the same.  She would have loved to have seen her great granddaughter grow to be such an engaging little girl; she would have …

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We’re in the midst of a new political season, and ergo I have a renewed urge to blog.  It’s been way too long – and much has happened in my life.I’ll catch up with changes anon . . . at this point, my political frustration is at a boiling point with the Virginia legislature’s recent …

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Father’s Day, 2011

Another Father’s Day rolls around, another tug at my heart.  Every year I’m reminded I don’t have a father to call.  But along with the heart-tugs that the too-commercialized day brings, it also encourages me to reflect on fatherhood in general, and what my own father meant to me.Dad’s been gone now 31 years – …

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Musings on 60

Today I am 60 years old.  Age has never been a particularly big deal to me; I’ve never been reluctant to say my age (that is, provided I even remember how old I am).  But I’ve historically had a “youngest” mentality.  Perhaps that’s because I was the youngest of 3 in my family.  In my …

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