Dare I dream? Obama/Biden may win!

It’s been a good couple of weeks for the prospect of change in the United States.  No, I don’t like what’s happening with the economy, but it’s unmistakenly helping Obama/Biden.  McCain’s campaign seems to be imploding, assisted by his incompetent choice of the incompetent Palin.  (It’s a sorry state of affairs when the pundits declare Palin successful in the debate because she wasn’t an abject failure, and expectations of her performance were so low.)

I’m cautiously optimistic.

Don & I have received our absentee ballots now (we’re registered in swing-state Virginia!) and we’ll get them in the mail this week.  We’re excited that we’re able to vote in a such an important swing state.

We’ve also (finally) put our money where our mouths are.  Within the past couple of weeks, we received our checks from the US government – the checks that all of us US citizens (even if expats) got from our buddy Bush.  We made the decision to take our Bush checks and contribute a substantial portion of them to the Obama campaign.  While we’ve had far flusher financial times, it did make us feel good to be able to contribute.  (As an aside, in case you’re wondering why we even got Bush checks, it’s because we file US tax returns annually, and at times pay taxes in the US, as well.  This is in addition to our filing Canadian returns, and always paying taxes here.)

We’ve also decided to help out, time-wise.  I’m going to Virginia on October 30 for the sole purpose of campaigning for the Obama/Biden ticket, and to volunteer my legal skills (if needed) on election day voter protection effort.  Sadly, Don can’t join me because of school responsibilties, but I know he’ll be with me in spirit.

Feel free to join us – contribute, volunteer, and most importantly, vote!  The US – and the world – needs Obama

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